Monday, July 9, 2007

Thoughts of Independence . . .

I think I could write entire novels on my thoughts and philosophy of independence and freedom, especially how goverments warp these to fit their needs. But don't worry-- I won't do it here. Except to say that I had a huge tag sale this weekend (over 4 full-size truckloads of stuff). What didn't sell went to my local fire department for their annual auction. I am relieved to say it is gone, gone, gone!

I am legend (well at least in my own mind.) I am the packrat of the family, as well as the historian- geneologist- crafter- fixer of all things fiber, you get the idea. Those aforementioned truckloads were just things I have been picking up around the house and shoving into boxes for the last 6 months. No deep cleaning of the house or closets or dressers or attic or garage. Are you starting to see my packratting compulsion.

Anyway, these truckloads have been pretty inspirational for me. Time to start cleaning house. I started with the most important space in the house-- my studio. Anyone interested in trading with me. I am going to start my wish list here on this post.

All things up for trade will be listed here:

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