Sunday, July 15, 2007

Cure for UFO's

Apparently for me it is going to the lake. DH and LM go out fishing and playing. I sat in the shade enjoying the cool lake breeze and working on my knitting.

Finished: Saturday Market Bag

Yarn: Peaches & Cream worsted weight cotton. Color: Peppercorn Ombre
Needles US 15
Pattern: with modifications here I made my handles a bit larger (for throwing over the stroller handles since it is a few miles walk with a two year old to farmer's market on Friday's in my village.

Quick, fun knit. More of these are definetly in the works. I love me some kitchen cotton yarn, this colorway--not so much. While I thought they were pretty in the cone nothing I have knit with this colorway has been pretty. I have been using up this yarn on these bags and some dishcloths. These cones have a lot more yardage than I gave them credit for. I have gotten a ton of compliments on the bag at the supermarket and the farmer's market. They fold up quite small but hold a great deal.
Next nearly finished project:

Mason-Dixon Baby Kimono
Yarn: Sugar and cream dishcloth cotton scraps.
Needles: Whatever was called for in the pattern.
Mods: I made it more of an extended cardigan than a kimono due to yarn shortage.
I thought I had enough of the yellow for the entire kimono but I ran short. I am going to reinforce that curling button band with ribbon and have hidden snaps. I was thinking of knitting a big star applique for the back and a few small ones for the front to balance it out more. The good news is I used up a bunch of little scraps lying around. Now I just need to find little star buttons.
Work in progress:

Well I have been work on this last minute knit for quite some time, off and on. This is the infamous chevron scarf. I keep going back and forth about deciding if I like how it is coming out. The brown semi-solid is a fab yarn from and the blue (which is a bit thicker) is from Great yarns but I have to say again Fearless Fibers yarn is dyed to perfection. I think you would be hard pressed to find a better semi-solid sock yarn out there. I am almost 1/2 way done and I am just going to keep moving along. It is supposed to be a Christmas present so I need to pick up my pace a bit.

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