Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Advent calendar

For the last few years I have been interested in advent calendars. My children seem to inspire me to create new traditions in addition to celebrating a mix of my family's and my husband's family traditions (interestingly enough both of our traditions involve a lot of swearing when our dad's put up the tree, he he.)

I would love to make a fabulous advent calendar that could be handed down to my boys but the sad truth is that every year this gets put by the way side as the season starts. Lucky for us we have found an advent calendar Finn loves. next year we will have to have something for Grady but this year he isn't interested in anything but the tree.

Last year we bought the Lego advent calendar and it was a huge hit! We bought this year's version and I can't wait to see Finn's face tonight when we unveil it!
I love these advent calendars-- ahh someday

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