Monday, November 30, 2009

Should I stay or should I go

I haven't been very good about writing and posting in this space. Now I am faced with the decision to stay or go.

Well, first a list that has been composing in my head for some time.
Things I want to do in the New Year
1. Practice more Yoga!
2. Reupholster a vintage couch in really crazy fabrics.
3. Make a wreath every month out of things found.
4. Take more nature walks
5. Think of new fun family things to do together
6. Live at camp more during the summer
7. Buy less
8. Build up my shop on etsy
9. Find a new house in the country, for the whole family
10. Be a better wife
11. Be a better mother
12. Be daring! Do at least one thing a month that stretches my comfort zone
13. Go camping for a weekend.
14. Give things away. They are just things and I don’t want my time sucked into cleaning. Sorting, storing or listing them anymore.
15. Make things for the family first this year.
16. Knit a sweater for me

I am sure I will keep adding to it in the weeks ahead. This blog would be a great place to document if my list is just words or if I have put some action behind it. So I will stay for a bit longer.

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