Friday, August 10, 2007

Back From Vacation

Finally we are back from vacation. What a great time the family had in Disney world, Florida, at the end of July. Yes it was really really hot and humid. Thankfully the conference I attended was held at one of the Disney resorts. It was really a nice resort with great pools for LM. My parents went with us as babysitting vacationers and I really think they had a great time.

LM learned early on at the resort to be unfailingly polite to everyone he met because this generally resulted in free toys, crayons or stickers. We had quite a bit to bring home so he must have been quite the little gentleman when I was in conference. We went to Disney's Animal Kingdom. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more LM or DH. I also had a great time but one Disney park for the week was plenty enough for me.

On an afternoon I did not have to attend the conference we travelled up to New Smyrna Beach and the Cape Canaveral National Seashore. Well worth the trip. The loggerhead sea turtles had been hatching, the space shuttle was on the launch pad ready to blast off and the beach was near empty because of some drizzly rain (it was still 85 degrees out). Perfect!

If your family loves to visit national parks, forests and seashores I highly recommend getting a National Park passport. I have been to quite a few parks and this was the first time I have seen one. I think it will really grow with LM and be interesting for him. National Parks are much more our speed than Disney.

I progressed a bit on the Chevron scarf, now at 4'. Not much point in taking a picture since it looks the same as before. I will say that I am feeling the blue/brown strippy love for it finally.

I recieved some amazing trades and gifts (and a few new purchases.) But I will save those for another post.

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IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

Glad you had a nice vacation! LM is just about the cutest thing ever in that swimming pool!!

Can't wait to see vacation knitting progress :)