Friday, June 29, 2007

The Not so Itty Bitty Football Helmet

I should start by saying that there isn't a hat in the Itty Bitty Hats book that I don't like. I have completed a few of the marley's but they get swooped up by friends for their children the second they are off the needles. Sure they promise pictures but I haven't seen any yet. This book is one of my current obsessions. Usually with knitting or quilting books there are one or two patterns that I feel I must make. This book, well, I must make all the hats-- maybe more than once. In various sizes.

The low down:

Project: The football helmet

Yarn: substitued yarn. I had some Debbie Bliss DK cotton sitting around not planned for any projects. The crochet trim, the football and the top sprout were random pieces and partial skeins of cotton yarn that I inherited.

Needle size: I used a size 6 CN and DPN's

Size: Largest-- 2 years and up

Problems: I am a fairly new knitter so I think the problems I had are all my own and are due in no part to the pattern or the pattern writter. I take full responsibility. My gauge was a bit off. I was getting 5 stitches to the inch vs. the 4 1/2 stitches to the inch called for. My hat came out huge. It is to big for me. I see no point in making a gauge swatch for a hat that only takes me a few nights. I know this is one of my problems and I accept this. The other problem I had was getting the seed stitch ear flaps and the hat brim to line up properly. There is still a line of stitches from the join that doesn't line up. This only bothers me enough to make the hat again but not to rip it out. (So you're starting to see what kind of a crafter I am. If you need to leave now I understand.)

New skills: Crochet edge. A simple edging treatment but it felt like an accomplishment.

Sorry about the model. Poor grumpy bear was all I had at the moment. LM was taking a nap.

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