Monday, January 11, 2010

To resolve or not

Here is the tricky part. Is it a resolution if you just obsessively think it but don't write it down on you 2010 resolution list. I didn't write down "Use stash first". I have this problem every year. I love my craft stash. Sure I have more than I might ever use, yes it is often sufficating to have. Really I could write pages about the love hate relationship I have with my craft stash. I won't bore you with it here, really just read anything about hoarding, I think that is how I am with my craft stash.

This past weekend I took the plunge. I actually completed two projects that have been bugging me for a while. Part of my hoard of craft supplies is lamps, yes, lamps. Especially free or very nearly free pressed or cut glass lamps. This weekend I tasked my DH to go out to the garage and get two of the lamps, his choice (he went out in shorts and flip flops in negative degrees, I guess he really does want my things out of the garage, huh?). He brought in one that was perfect in a corner of our living room and another that was perfect for my bedside stand.

Both lamps needed shades. Lucky(?) me I had thoughtfull picked up lamp shades whenever they are free also. Of course the lamps needed to be cleaned, rewired and the shades recovered. The larger lamp actually turned out to be the easier project. DH rewired the lamp and I covered the shade. Attesting to the size of my fabric sewing stash I had the perfect gold striped silky poly fabric, white cotton sheeting for the shade lining and even perfectly matching trim for the top and the bottom. I simply googled for recovering a lamp shade and tweaked it until it looked like I wanted. It was about an hours work-- total cost- $1.00 lamp, free-shade, stash fabric for shade and about 1.50 in rewiring supplies. I think it looks great. There are a few things I would do differently next time but all in all not to bad for a few bucks.

The little lamp proved to be tricker. It had a different set of wiring, options for 1st bulb, 2nd bulb, or both to be on. It was also a little bugger to clean, some sort of nasty was in that glass ball. The shade was a simple top hoop, bottom hoop design so I had to wing the pattern. The shade on the first was easy and I could largely use hot glue, not so the little one, hand sewing all the way. I think it turned out adorable though.

These projects have really got me hopping though. I love my sewing machine and I am hearing its siren call right now. The boys birthdays are in Feb and April and I have dreams of knitting sweaters, hats and sewing quilts. Ah, but it is good to have dreams right?!

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