Sunday, February 8, 2009

Who needs to see their feet?

Well, just a few more days of being an expectant mom. Not sure I will be here again and it is making me a bit sad. Anticipation and waiting is a bit better this time than when I waited for the first little man. It is easier now to take it one day at a time and enjoy the anticipation rather than the anxious waiting that it felt like before.

I am bigger this time than ever before which is really saying something. I have not gained anywhere near as much weight though and this little one seems to be taking out real estate only in the very front. Probably wanting water front property like his father.

It is a beautiful day here. One of the truths about living in northern New York state is that when any sun comes out and it climbs above freezing, everyone vacates their houses, some in their short sleeves. Evidence my DH (who in this photo just hit little man with a snowball- and LM thought it was funny. Those two are two of a kind.)

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