Thursday, May 3, 2007

Brief Introductions . . .

Right now I envision this blog as my daily diary and motivation. I am a quilter, crafter, sewer, fledgling knitter, mommy to an awesome little boy, wife to an amazing husband, rug maker, archaeologist, home remodeler, awful decorator, environmentalist . . .

I love seeing all the craft blogs and the projects. So much inspiration everywhere. I'm hoping this blog will be my crafty outlet since I am sure my family is sick of hearing all about my projects.

I will open with my very first knit sweater that I just got off the needles. I am so excited to have finished that I had LM (little man) wear it right away. Be kind.

The sweater is from Adorable Knits for Tiny Tots by Zoe Mellor, the Robin Hood Jacket pattern. I had a lot of problems in the beginning deciphering the pattern. The problems were all me, 1) not a good choice for beginner knitters, 2) no idea how to do cables, 3) I had only knit hats before this. I think it turned out really nice. It is knit from Rowan Cork which I love love love but it is discontinued. I am on the hunt for more if anyone wants to trade.

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